In Search of a 1966 Jefferson Airplane Santa Barbara poster

I’m trying to find a poster or handbill for Jefferson Airplane gig at University of California, Santa Barbara dated October 22, 1966. Or maybe a newspaper ad, a newspaper article, a radio spot, a flyer, or even an audio recording?

Jack Ely & the Courtmen

It was at this event that Jack Ely (former lead singer of the Kingsmen) and his band the Courtmen performed one of their final shows together before Jack got drafted to Vietnam the Army. I believe that this show also featured The Seeds and Spirit. If you have ANYTHING from this show, please send me an email.

Now if anyone happens to have any recordings of Portland Zoo, the band Jack Ely joined after serving in the Army.. where have you been hiding? By all means, please speak up! I’d love to hear this psychedelic Northwest band!

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  • Rockinbobby

    No posters or recordings but I’ve got two original promo photos for the Kingsmen with Jack as the lead. In one they did a quick changejob with Jacks High School pick pasted in after Louie Louie made it big for them. Thinking about posting them on Ebay. I do have a 1966 Jefferson Airplane poster for Santa Cruz Civic Center but no Kingsmen listed, just Colors of Evil and The Mystery Trend. Strange poster- has a letter on the back from one of the promoters to a friend. Talks about the “new things” they’re trying…like multiple slide projectors displaying on the wall and black lights and paint. A lot of ‘mind expanding 60’s talk” way cool. Merry christmas. enjoyed reading your items

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