Stolen Equipment Alert

I don’t normally post information about stolen equipment at the LOUIE REPORT, but this time it’s something that’s way too close for comfort. My friend Alec Palao has been a great ally of, and the upcoming MEANING OF LOUIE documetary. Alec has done some superb work with Ace Records, assembling some wonderful CDs- “Love […]

The LOUIE Kazoos of Peoria!

Right now in Peoria, Illinois, many people are gathering for a big celebration of LOUIE LOUIE. Here’s the full details of this event, according to the Peoria Parks website:

Event: Louie Louie Festival Date: Fri, May 26 Location: The Landing Hours: 3:00pm – midnight Admission: free

Description: The Illinois Valley Striders signal the beginning of […]

More on the FBI LOUIE files, and updates at LOUIE Central

It’s been a busy week over at LOUIE central. I’ve been picking up hard drives, transfering a lot of old interviews from old analog videotape to the digital domain, cursing along the way why certain formats such as Hi8 videotape seem to be a breeding ground for ugly looking drop-outs. It’s especially frustrating, as so […]

Wasting more time on the blogosphere…

Sometimes, it’s lot of fun to see what others have written about you or your projects out in cyberspace. Today, I spent a little bit of time to see what folks mentioned on their blogs, using the Technorati interface. Here’s some of the interesting blogs that caught my eye:

The Architectural Dance Society blog […]

Someone’s got great taste in Japan!

I can’t make out what it all means, but someone in Japan has very good taste in music! A mention of and recognition of an excellent R. Crumb CD? Very cool, indeed!

For a good time, go to:

Wailers update- LOUIE Fest 2006

The Fabulous Wailers just came from playing at the Ponderosa Stomp in Memphis, and Kent Morrill sent me this report:

Memphis: The Fabulous Wailers wowed them with the good old Northwest Sound…in Memphis at the Ponderosa Stomp held May 8th, 9th, and 10th. That was the feed back we received after our hour and a […]

Smells Like LOUIE… no… Teen Spirit on ukeles?

I’ve had more than a few people tell me they considered Nirvana‘s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” as the “LOUIE LOUIE of the 90’s.” Both songs use a catchy 3-chord riff, and became an iconic Northwest musical export. As Dick Peterson of the Kingsmen pointed out in his new LOUIE LOUIE book, the Kingsmen got their […]

The NEW “No LOUIE LOUIE” products via CafePress

While I may no longer be selling full bottles of LOUIE LOUIE wine coolers over the internet, I’ve now got something else to offer folks that want to pick up more LOUIE LOUIE merchandise.

I’m proud to present the all-new “No LOUIE LOUIE” products now being offered at my new CafePress storefront!

Back in […]

Unopened LOUIE LOUIE wine coolers no longer available for shipping

For those of you that wanted to order an unopened bottle of the ultra-rare LOUIE LOUIE wine coolers, I’m afraid I can no longer ship these items. A few years ago, I was able to ship these bottles to certain states without any problems. Unfortunately, times have changed.

The US Mail Service states I […]

Maximum: Stairway to Heaven?

With a tip of the hat to my pal Theo of the LOUIE LOUIE pages, here’s something about another inspired community radio college effort to collect lots of versions of one particular song.

WFMU Radio of New Jersey is looking for EVERY VERSION OF Led Zepellin‘s STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN. If you’ve got a version they […]