The NEW “No LOUIE LOUIE” products via CafePress

While I may no longer be selling full bottles of LOUIE LOUIE wine coolers over the internet, I’ve now got something else to offer folks that want to pick up more LOUIE LOUIE merchandise.

I’m proud to present the all-new “No LOUIE LOUIE” products now being offered at my new CafePress storefront!

Louie Louie products

Back in 1983 when KFJC did the legendary Maximum: LOUIE LOUIE marathon, disc jockey Phil Dirt came up with the brilliant idea of creating a “No LOUIE LOUIE” logo.

Some of you might ask “Why a ‘No LOUIE LOUIE’ symbol?” To some folks, this seems like an absolute contradiction to an event that celebrates the spirit of this fine song. The reasoning was that if you listened to a full weekend of non-stop LOUIE LOUIE for 63 hours, you would appreciate the irony of a “No LOUIE LOUIE” symbol.

Maybe it’s like the crucifix symbol used to represent Christian beliefs. People wearing the crucifix don’t actually support the idea of actual crucifications, but the symbol is used as a reminder of important history.

Richard Berry on KFJC Radio

Whatever the case, songwriter Richard Berry loved the “No LOUIE LOUIE” symbol, and proudly wore his “No LOUIE LOUIE” t-shirt wherever he went. He absolutely appreciated the joke. Here’s a photo of him wearing one of these shirts, while being interviewed by DJ Stretch Riedle during the KFJC Maximum LOUIE LOUIE marathon.

So, whether you are a fan of this song, or just want to send a gag gift to someone that thinks that LOUIE LOUIE is a terrible song, your online purchase will provide some extra revenue that can be used towards production of the upcoming MEANING OF LOUIE.

So go take a look at the “No LOUIE LOUIE” merchandise page, and spend money!

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