The LOUIE Kazoos of Peoria!

Right now in Peoria, Illinois, many people are gathering for a big celebration of LOUIE LOUIE. Here’s the full details of this event, according to the Peoria Parks website:

Event: Louie Louie Festival
Date: Fri, May 26
Location: The Landing
Hours: 3:00pm – midnight
Admission: free

Description: The Illinois Valley Striders signal the beginning of summer with Peoria ’s ever-popular Louie Louie Festival! Bring your kazoo and your most creative outfit down to the CEFCU Center Stage. Enjoy the warm breeze and a cold beverage while hearing the Jimmy Buffett inspired tunes of The Boat Drunks and more!

Brad Burke of the Peoria Journal Star has a nice article you can read by clicking here.

The first person to send me a videotape or DVD of this event gets a limited-edition, empty bottle of the ultra-rare LOUIE LOUIE wine cooler.

1 comment to The LOUIE Kazoos of Peoria!

  • I miss this damn thing every year, either because of a booking or because I just plain forget it is happening. If I am aware of it next year and not booked I’ll be sure to get down there and gather some Louie goodness for ya.

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