Wasting more time on the blogosphere…

Sometimes, it’s lot of fun to see what others have written about you or your projects out in cyberspace. Today, I spent a little bit of time to see what folks mentioned LouieLouie.net on their blogs, using the Technorati interface. Here’s some of the interesting blogs that caught my eye:

The Architectural Dance Society blog has entry entitled “Grunting Fingers and the Vindication of Jack Ely,” which discusses the original Kingsmen vocalist

Louie Williams Jr has a website entitled Me Gotta Blog Now:

Bedazzled, a music blog I always enjoy, has a link for my blog in the sidebar

The Doors of the Kingdom, which like Bedazzled, is another fine music blog that doesn’t have any entries about LOUIE LOUIE, but is nice enough to add a LouieLouie.net link in the sidebar

Escrever Sobre Música é Impossível is a blog from Portugal that mentions a concert that features Richard Berry’s iconic song. I wish I could read Portuguese.

The Entropical Paradise blog has an entry about “Moral Outrage” which discusses certain politicians that chose to attack semi-offensive pop culture products

The “Me · Myself · and · I” blog (aka Qualms 101 ) discusses the F.B.I. investigation of LOUIE LOUIE that I uncovered, and how the American government spent two years on this case

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I do appreciate it when it folks acknowledge me as the source for the F.B.I. investigation files. I’ve been told that I was the first person to obtain these files via the Freedom of Information Act, and whenever someone purchases a hard copy of these files, I do appreciate it. I know there are sources to view this thing free of charge, but it is a nice gesture when someone sends me their hard-earned money for a bound paper edition.

Eric Predoehl
producer/director of upcoming MEANING OF LOUIE documentary, web-guru for LouieLouie.net, researcher of truth, justice and all that other stuff that dreamy-eyed idealists fantasize about…


1 comment to Wasting more time on the blogosphere…

  • Ain’t Technorati something!!

    Thanks for reminding me, Eric. I put that link up when I first started blogging intending to write a post about your site ( I spent hours hear when i found it) and then, of course, I got carried away. No seriously!

    Thanks for some ace info and pics.
    Catch you later.

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