Rare Black Flag video of LOUIE LOUIE!

OK, folks… here’s the first YouTube video I’ve ever embedded at LouieLouie.net. Now that I know how to download this stuff, I’m really having a lot of fun exploring YouTube.com.

This is a clip of Black Flag with Dez Cadena singing LOUIE LOUIE. I have no idea when this show happened, or what location this […]

Computer-video tech challenges SOLVED (for now)

When it comes to using computers, I will admit a bias. For years, I’ve probably been a little smug about using what I believed was the coolest available operating system. When I first thought about using a computer, the market was dominated by a lot of really ugly operating systems that only a tech-head could […]

The Return of Mojo Nixon, the Beat Farmers, plus assorted thoughts on politics, Kinky Friedman and country music

Back in 2004, I was extremely bummed out when I heard that Mojo Nixon would be retiring FOREVER from live performances to focus on his new career as a disc jockey for Sirius Satellite Radio. Back when I was attending college, Mojo Nixon was the perfect tonic to the manufactured schlock of the ’80s- […]

Dave Barry and LOUIE LOUIE in Tacoma

Horace J. Digby just sent me a little note about his article about Dave Barry’s 2003 visit to Tacoma, Washington, where he found three random people to sing LOUIE LOUIE.

“And Then I Told Dave Barry . . . ” is a funny little article that should appeal to anyone that appreciates LOUIE LOUIE, […]

RIP: Ned Torney

Tonight, at Moe’s Alley in Santa Cruz, California, there will be a big celebration for Ned Torney (not Tourney). Ned was a multi-talented musician that played with a lot of bands in the San Francisco-San Jose region- the Chocolate Watchband, Syndicate of Sound, the Sundogs, Jerry Miller (of Moby Grape, Frantics), and various other […]

Meet The Louie Louies!

Ladies and gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure to introduce you to the band from Germany known as THE LOUIE LOUIES!

And YES, they’ve got a song called “We’re the LOUIE LOUIEs” which sounds just like LOUIE LOUIE!

Check ’em out…. http://www.thelouielouies.de.tf

Penguins and a LOUIE book

I’m stealing this penguin graphic from my pal Andy Martello. You see, Andy’s got this fetish thing for penguins and LOUIE LOUIE, so his friend GolfWidow created a little graphic for him. Pretty cool, eh?

As those of you reading this blog on a regular basis know, Dick Peterson of the Kingsmen has a […]

Louie Road

Once upon a time, LOUIE LOUIE was written by Richard Berry in Los Angeles, California. Actually, to be precise, it was written at the Harmony Park Ballroom in Anaheim in 1955, a few miles down the road from a plot of land that was being developed into the world’s most popular amusement park.


F.C.C. Indecency Ruling Round-up

Back in the days when the F.B.I. investigated LOUIE LOUIE, Richard Berry was told by government agents that he could go to jail for writing an obscene song. Around the same time, Lenny Bruce was having a lot of problems over the language that he used in his stage performances. As we all know, Richard […]

More LOUIE LOUIE videos online

In a previous post, I mentioned that YouTube.com had quite a few different videoclips of LOUIE LOUIE performances. Recently, YouTube.com has been getting a lot of attention, thanks to a very cool live-action Simpsons video clip created specfically for promoting the TV show on the Sky One network in the UK. The one big thing […]