Rare Black Flag video of LOUIE LOUIE!

OK, folks… here’s the first YouTube video I’ve ever embedded at LouieLouie.net. Now that I know how to download this stuff, I’m really having a lot of fun exploring YouTube.com.

This is a clip of Black Flag with Dez Cadena singing LOUIE LOUIE. I have no idea when this show happened, or what location this was, but it’s pretty-darned rare. The quality is so-so, but it’s an excellent performance of these old-time punk rockers. GloomRecords.com is taking credit for sharing this one.

Me, I’m just recycling the good stuff that’s already online. Sometime in the future, I will post some actual clips from the upcoming documentary, but for now, here’s some rare BLACK FLAG footage! Enjoy!

I wonder if there’s any Fee Waybill at YouTube?

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