Dave Barry and LOUIE LOUIE in Tacoma

Horace J. Digby just sent me a little note about his article about Dave Barry’s 2003 visit to Tacoma, Washington, where he found three random people to sing LOUIE LOUIE.

And Then I Told Dave Barry . . . ” is a funny little article that should appeal to anyone that appreciates LOUIE LOUIE, the Pacific Northwest, and of course, the humor of Dave Barry. Did you know, for example….

In Tacoma, children learn the first verse of LOUIE LOUIE right after they learn the Pledge of Allegiance. LOUIE LOUIE is a lot easier, because the Supreme Court doesn’t keep changing the words to Louie Louie.

Horace goes on to state:

In Tacoma, LOUIE LOUIE is available as a High School major along with wood shop and pre-college. But no one is required to learn the third verse.

Hey, he wouldn’t write that if it weren’t true, right? For more on the writings of Horace J. Digby, click here .

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