More LOUIE LOUIE videos online

In a previous post, I mentioned that had quite a few different videoclips of LOUIE LOUIE performances. Recently, has been getting a lot of attention, thanks to a very cool live-action Simpsons video clip created specfically for promoting the TV show on the Sky One network in the UK. The one big thing that really annoys me about is the fact that’s so darned difficult to download these clips. You’ve got to be online, with a broadband connection to see these things. For all my friends with dialup, it’s really a pain….

Luckily, there’s other places where folks can share the cool videos. When I looked for the very same live action Simpsons clip at Google Video, I found that I could download the same video as an AVI or MPEG-4 file.

So when I type in the phrase “Louie Louie” at Google Video, I found three video clips- a drunk guy, the Haddon Township Middle School Jazz Band, and “Matt’s Sousaphone Dance”- all fairly unique performances of LOUIE LOUIE. What’s wonderful about Google Video is that I can download every one of these clips, and not have to be online to view ’em!

Gotta love the internet…..

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