RIP: George Carlin, an honest comedian

As I got home late Sunday night / early Monday morning, I checked my email and got the word that George Carlin had died at the age of 71 years old.

I can think of seven words to describe what I’m feeling about George’s death, and they’re definitely not suitable for broadcast.

Nine years […]

Two LOUIE theatrical productions in NY?? WOW!

There’s not one, but TWO theatrical productions focusing on LOUIE LOUIE coming up real soon….

FIRST.. Stomp and Shout (an’ Work it All out) By James Carmichael, directed by Geordie Broadwater opening Sunday, June 1, 2008 Upstairs at the 45th Street Theatre

New York: Babel Theatre Productions (Geordie Broadwater, Artistic Director, Jeremy Blocker, Producing Director […]

RIP: Ruth Wallis, saucy singer-songwriter

Note to all entertainers: Whatever you do, do not die during the last weeks of the month of December. Your death will probably be ignored during all “end-of-year those-who-died” news summaries, as you will have missed the deadline for most of the publications.

As far as I know, Ruth Wallis did not perform the […]

BBC Radio show on LOUIE LOUIE

BBC Radio 2 will be broadcasting a program about LOUIE LOUIE and the F.B.I. Steve Van Zandt of Little Steven’s Underground Garage and The Sopranos will be narrating this thing. This one hour program will be first aired on Tuesday, June 12 (2007) at 22:30 pm (UK Time), and can be heard with a Real […]

RIP: KPIG co-founder Laura Ellen Hopper, and way-too-many American soldiers

Monday was Memorial Day in the United States of America. A national holiday to remember the brave men and women that sacrificed their lives for the good of their country. A time to honor the fallen soldiers that made the ultimate contribution to protect others.

Reading the papers on Monday, I found a very interesting […]

Rock ‘n’ Roll and the Politics of Hysteria

I’m trying to avoid the subject of politics at the LOUIE REPORT blog, but it’s not easy. Not every LOUIE enthusiast shares my views on politics, and I’m trying to use this webpage as a tool to unify the LOUIE community, rather than alienate.

Nonetheless, if it weren’t for certain political actions that happened in […]

God Save the Internet!

There’s been some weird rumblings in Washington D.C. by certain politicians to allow telecommunications companies to control what you can and cannot access via the internet. I wish this was an urban legend, but unfortunately….. it’s actually happening. There are a lot of greedy politicians that are allowing a massive power grab by large telecommunications […]

F.C.C. Indecency Ruling Round-up

Back in the days when the F.B.I. investigated LOUIE LOUIE, Richard Berry was told by government agents that he could go to jail for writing an obscene song. Around the same time, Lenny Bruce was having a lot of problems over the language that he used in his stage performances. As we all know, Richard […]


My friend Theo deGroot, owner of the the world’s very first LOUIE LOUIE website, uncovered a great website about banned music, thanks to his friend Ed Pinnes.

Brian Joseph Davis created a conceptual album of banned songs, providing another way to hear how the records would sound after they have actually been burned. When you […]

The Taboo Tunes Songbook

Need some fun songs to sing around the ol’ summer campfire this year? There’s a new “Taboo Tunes” songbook, featuring some easy-pickin’ chord charts and lyrics for wanna-be musicians of all ages. Apparently, Peter Blecha’s critical analysis of controversial songs was a hit in music book business, and the Hal Leonard Corporation asked him to […]