Who were the Sacred Cows? … and WHAT’s their connection to LOUIE universe?

Some of you may be asking “Who are the Sacred Cows?…. and WHAT was their connection to the LOUIE LOUIE universe?”

Luckily, Michael Davies shared an insightful comment to set the record straight …

I have been a fan of the Wailers for many years and believe that Episode 15 of Season Three of […]

RIP: Don Cornelius, host of Soul Train (with Barry White -LOUIE of Week)

Don Cornelius, creator and host of the tv show SOUL TRAIN has left us.

There’s a lot of great articles on the legacy of Mr. Cornelius and his Soul Train TV show, but here’s a few key points that I thought were especially worth mentioning:

Don Cornelius was the first Black owner of a […]

Howard Stern & the Roots – LOUIE of the Week

This week, we shine the LOUIE flashlight on a hot-spanking new version of LOUIE LOUIE by Howard Stern and the Roots, live on the Jimmy Fallon Show on March 17, 2011.


RIP: Dave McElhatton, San Francisco news anchor

On Monday, we lost Dave McElhatton, a news anchorman for KPIX Channel 5, the San Francisco CBS affiliate. I never met the man, but I’d heard a lot of stories about about a decent human being he was. Dave retired from broadcasting in 2000 after nearly 50 years on the airwaves at KCBS radio […]

RIP: Marcel J. Chouinard, one of earliest singers to perform LOUIE on TV

I just learned that Marcel J Chouinard has passed away on Monday, October 12th.

In 1964, Marcel performed LOUIE LOUIE with The Nocturnals on a Canadian TV show known as “Let’s Go.” This was a television show that aired 5 days a week at 5:30 pm on the CBC network.

Unlike the Kingsmen […]

The Bangles in 1984- LOUIE of the Week

Here’s one I misssed the first time around – it’s The Bangles doing a sloppy version of LOUIE LOUIE as part of the I.R.S. Cutting Edge TV show on MTV sometime in 1984.

LOUIE kicks in at 1:54 of this clip…


The Drake Levin Memorial

A few weeks ago, there was a wonderful memorial for Drake Levin, guitarist with Paul Revere & the Raiders. Family and friends came together to celebrate the man with beautiful stories, some funny jokes, and wonderful memories. I was asked to videotape the ceremony, and some of these stories were too good to not share, […]

More on Drake Levin

The past week has brought a lot of traffic to the website, with a lot of people paying respect to Drake Levin, guitarist with Paul Revere & Raiders that died on July 4th. Here’s a few things I want to share about him:

1) Drake’s widow, Sandra Levin is selling Drake’s original guitar on […]

Stanley Clarke & George Duke Project – LOUIE of the Week

In 1981, Stanley Clarke & George Duke, two great jazz musicians, got together to create a very cool album together.

I just found a video clip of their performance of LOUIE LOUIE from that album.

According to the comments, this performance came from a program called “New York Hot Tracks,” which aired from 1983-1989. […]

It’s not LOUIE-specific, but…

On Wednesday, I just finalized a deal for my first-ever VOD digital download. I am pleased to present “ED’S INNER SPACE,” a film I co- produced/ co-directed with my friend Alison Victor, is now available for digital download on IndieFlix.com

Today, Thursday, May 21…. this film gets mentioned on Oprah! Yes, Oprah…..

As the description […]