RIP: Marcel J. Chouinard, one of earliest singers to perform LOUIE on TV

Marcel Chouinard, singer

I just learned that Marcel J Chouinard has passed away on Monday, October 12th.

In 1964, Marcel performed LOUIE LOUIE with The Nocturnals on a Canadian TV show known as “Let’s Go.” This was a television show that aired 5 days a week at 5:30 pm on the CBC network.

Unlike the Kingsmen or Paul Revere & the Raiders, Marcel’s 1964 television performance of LOUIE LOUIE was a live performance with no lip-synching.

I’m very fortunate that I was able to meet Marcel in 2007, and conduct an interview with him, which I wrote about in a previous blog posting.

I wish Marcel could have lived to have seen this documentary completed, but there are still some things I’m still trying to resolve right now. I knew Marcel had health issues, but I was really hoping he would live to see this thing finished.

Rest in peace, Marcel. You will not be forgotten.

4 comments to RIP: Marcel J. Chouinard, one of earliest singers to perform LOUIE on TV

  • Suzanne Chouinard

    Marcel was a kind and generous man and I am glad I had the opportunity to meet him a few times in Vancouver in the recent years. We love you Marcel… Sincere sympathy to all the Chouinard’s family.


  • Ferone Kronstein

    Yes Marcel has parted this world and he will be missed by many people who loved him or who had met him. He was a very kind person and I for one will miss him. Marcel was so proud of his appearance singing on “Let’s Go”. I was very lucky as a young woman to have heard him sing in private many years ago. Today I was at his Memorial Service in Canada and there were many sad faces and many memories shared. R.I.P. my Friend and see you on the “OtherSide”.

  • Karin MacKillop

    I am sorry to hear that Marcel has passed. I was friends with Marcel in the 60’s. He was at my wedding in l964.
    I was glad to reconnect with Marcel in 2007. He was a sweet and kind person. He will be missed. Karin MacKillop

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