LOUIE of the Week – Vintage Paul Revere & Raiders video clip

Today it’s my birthday. It’s Mark Lindsay‘s too. I’m gonna have a good time… I’d like you to dance…

Yes, today is March 9, the birthday for yours truly, the producer/director of the upcoming LOUIE LOUIE documentary, and webmaster/janitor for this little LouieLouie.net website.

March 9 is also the birthday for Mark Lindsay, the […]

Beware of disappearing YouTube clips

From the very first time I discovered YouTube, I wondered how long it would take before the major copyright owners would make some serious noise to stop the unauthorized distribution of their video programming. From what I could see, at least 50% of the material didn’t come directly from actual filmmakers, but collectors that just […]


One of the scariest versions of LOUIE LOUIE I ever heard was by a band called “The Last” on Rhino’s BEST OF LOUIE LOUIE LP. It reminded me of The Doors with a little bit of Bela Lugosi thrown in.

Check out this tasty nugget – The Last on a 1982 cable access show:


1972 video clip of MC5 doin’ LOUIE (plus Segon Origen)

Thanks to my YouTube subscription, I now know about a very rare LOUIE LOUIE video clip from 1972. Here’s MC5 Live at Kulttuuritalo Helsinki Finland 17 Nov 1972

Here’s another fine LOUIE LOUIE performance along the same lines I recently found on YouTube. Here’s Segon Origen from Barcelona, Spain recently doing the SONG…


YouTube purges 30,000 Videos over copyright

Hot off the presses from Yahoo News:

TOKYO – The popular video-sharing site YouTube deleted nearly 30,000 files after a Japanese entertainment group complained of copyright infringement.

The Japan Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers, found 29,549 video clips such as television shows, music videos and movies posted on YouTube’s site without permission, […]

LouieLouie.net seeks old movies!

Production on the LOUIE LOUIE documentary continues at a steady pace. It takes a long time to transfer all the footage I’ve shot over the years… in all types of video formats. When I first started production on what would became the intitial starting point for this documentary, I shot footage of Richard Berry, Jack […]

F.C.C. Indecency Ruling Round-up

Back in the days when the F.B.I. investigated LOUIE LOUIE, Richard Berry was told by government agents that he could go to jail for writing an obscene song. Around the same time, Lenny Bruce was having a lot of problems over the language that he used in his stage performances. As we all know, Richard […]

More LOUIE LOUIE videos online

In a previous post, I mentioned that YouTube.com had quite a few different videoclips of LOUIE LOUIE performances. Recently, YouTube.com has been getting a lot of attention, thanks to a very cool live-action Simpsons video clip created specfically for promoting the TV show on the Sky One network in the UK. The one big thing […]

Archival LOUIE clips found at YouTube.com

YouTube.com is a very interesting website. People get the opportunity to share video clips with the world. It’s a wild mix of home movies, commercials, documentaries, music videos, and oddball shorts that folks just feel like sharing. Many of these films are self-produced, while many others are archival recordings shared without any implied copyright.

You […]

Old music videos online- probably not for long….

Hey, want to see some crusty old rock music clips with the Yardbirds, the Seeds, Count Five, Wilson Pickett, Ray Charles, the Zombies, the Rolling Stones, and some other great musicians from the 60’s? Here’s a link that has a whole bunch of fine music clips. It probably won’t last, so enjoy it while you […]