I’ve been BOOT-LEGGED! (reasons for annoying credits over video)

I suppose it should be considered a form of flattery when someone borrows someone else’s material for their own creation. It looks like I’ve been bootlegged! Here’s my footage of Richard Berry in Mountain View from 1989, recycled by someone else on YouTube.

This looks like some kind of TV show from Asturias, which is a region of Spain. Looking at the description for the Con2DeAzucarTpa YouTube channel, I see this description:

Canal oficial del magazine de las mañanas de la Radiotelevisión del Principado de Asturias.

As I don’t read Spanish, I used Google Language Tools to come up with this translation:

Official channel of the magazine teleradio morning of the Principality of Asturias.

There’s also the Con 2 de azúcar webpage, which shows they are a genuine television show.

I guess this company doesn’t like to go through the proper legal channels of licensing material? If you look at my original YouTube clip, you’ll see that I’m quite clear about the copyright at the beginning of the video. In the original text description, I thought it was pretty obvious that this footage was NOT PUBLIC DOMAIN. It seems that some folks chose to ignore those credits, or were just plain stupid.

Lately, I’ve been adding a “LouieLouie.net” graphic to more of my video clips, just to remind folks that this material is not public domain, and should not be distributed outside of my authorized websites without my permission. On some of my earlier YouTube videos, such as this Richard Berry clip, I’ve put a simple copyright graphic only at the beginning of the clip, but it looks I may have to resort to putting a graphic over the entire clip more often, as some folks will ignore ownership issues. It’s too bad some folks have so little respect for those that created unique programming. I guess they figured that if I’m on the other side of the world, I would have a hard time going after them for copyright infringements?

It would be nice if the folks at Con 2 de azúcar would send me a check for licensing this material for their television program, but I certainly won’t hold my breath waiting for any type of compensation.

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  • Hola de parte de parejaspareja.es, encontre tu blog navegando por la red buscando principado de asturias en google. Me parece super interesante la información que tienes en tu blog y sin lugar a dudas regresare a leerlo. Tengo una pregunta, si podria traducir tu blog “The Louie Report » I’ve been BOOT-LEGGED! (reasons for annoying credits over video)” y añadirlos a un de mis blogs en italiano? Y por supuesto con el link direccionando a tu blog. Estare esperando tu respuesta. parejaspareja.es

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