LOUIE of the Week – Vintage Paul Revere & Raiders video clip

Today it’s my birthday. It’s Mark Lindsay‘s too. I’m gonna have a good time… I’d like you to dance…

Yes, today is March 9, the birthday for yours truly, the producer/director of the upcoming LOUIE LOUIE documentary, and webmaster/janitor for this little LouieLouie.net website.

March 9 is also the birthday for Mark Lindsay, the first lead singer for Paul Revere & the Raiders; David Pogue, New York Times technology writer and publisher of the wonderful Missing Manuals book series; the late Mickey Spillane, author of some entertaining Mike Hammer novels; Vyacheslav Molotov, namesake for an explosive cocktail; John Cale; Robin Trower; Ornette Coleman; Keely Smith; Lloyd Price and the late Yuri Gagarin, the first astronaut to orbit the earth.

I am in very good company.

So, to honor this special occasion, I thought I’d give the LOUIE of the Week award to a vintage video recording of Mark with Paul Revere & the Raiders performing LOUIE LOUIE. It’s actually a lip-synch performance of the original 1963 studio recording.

I’m actually a little angry with Mark Lindsay. The folks that handle his online Groovy Stuff web-store are doing a terrible job taking care of orders. I’ve got a good friend that ordered some stuff from the website many months ago, and he’s been completely ignored. This is not good, and I hope Mark is able to resolve the issue quickly. Until the customer service issues are resolved, I would encourage folks to consider the advice “BUYER BEWARE!”

Mark is a very talented musician, and none of this nonsense should diminish the fact that he’s played a very important role in rock & roll history, particularly when it comes to the legend of LOUIE LOUIE. I encourage folks to attend his shows, listen to his radio program, and visit his restaurant. If you’re in Portland, Oregon today, this would be a very good day to do so. Tell ’em LOUIE sent cha… wish him a Happy Birthday and remind him that he needs to hire someone else to do a better job administrating his webstore.

By the way, for those of you feel like helping me celebrate March 9th , here’s a way to share your support:

Send paypal to louie at louielouie.net will you?

My thanks to all that continue to support LouieLouie.net.

(who should be sailing a ship on the sea on this day)

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