Six days ’til LOUIE Day….

Just a little reminder ….. there’s six more days before “International LOUIE LOUIE Day!”

There will be a 4 hour radio show on International LOUIE LOUIE Day – Monday, April 11 at 7 pm – 11 pm (west coast California time). The radio station is KFJC Radio, 89.7 FM, which can be heard via internet webcast the website or using the iTunes software to listen to internet radio under the category of “Radio/Eclectic”

I’ll be participating on this show, along with Jeff “Stretch” Riedle and Frank “Phil Dirt” Luft, originators of KFJC’s 1983 event “Maximum Louie”, as well as Nikki Teen (aka Robyn Braverman) Maximum Louie alum and voice talent extraordinaire.

On Sunday, April 10, Dave Marsh will be doing some LOUIE LOUIE celebration the day before on his SIRIUS XM satellite radio show “Live From the Land of Hope and Dreams” on Sirius Left 146, XM America Left 167.

You don’t have a SIRIUS XM satellite radio account? You can sign up for a FREE 30 day trial account, and listen to the show on your computer without any special hardware other than a broadband connection. There’s a lot of other stuff on , including Mojo Nixon, who’s got an “Outlaw Country” show that’s quite entertaining.

This Friday, April 8th, there will be a special Richard Berry radio special produced by Matthew Ray from 6-7 p.m. EST on WZBC 90.3 FM in Boston, streaming online at . It will also air later on Northampton, MA’s ‘Valley Free Radio’ 103.3 FM and at Matthew interviewed me for this one, so you’ll be able to hear my voice on this one as well…

For more information about International LOUIE LOUIE Day,” be sure to check out

Here’s a little comic strip I created 3 years ago to explain just WHAT “International LOUIE LOUIE Day” is…

International LOUIE LOUIE Day © Eric Predoehl/



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  • Dave D Ogf Swan

    My fave version’s by Don & the GT’s, but beyond the musikal experience, the Legend Of Louie Louie may out live usin’s all.. GO Magazine’s about the 60s, Pacific NW garage band scene, along w/ the teenage angst frum about 1959 thru 1966, that might be the best thing in the History Of The Wurld.

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