Three Day Stubble – LOUIE of Week

Three Day Stubble is a band that’s been around for 30 years, and I’d say most of you folk probably never heard of ’em. Formed in Houston, Texas, this band has been plugging away for three decades, mostly in the San Francisco bay area.

There’s quite a history behind this band- playing all sorts of […]

LOUIE LOUIE show in Paris – THIS WEEK!

I’ve been invited to speak at a very special LOUIE LOUIE event in Paris. While I won’t be able to fly from California to France, I will be appearing in Paris via Skype as a guest lecturer.

Here’s the official description of the event, as translated by Google Tools:

LOUIE LOUIE – A proposal […]

The Garbage-Men – LOUIE of the Week

Here’s a LOUIE that puts a big smile on my face. The story of LOUIE LOUIE is truly a tale of recycling different thing (musical themes, rumors, etc), and this band embraces the concept in a very big way

The Garbage-Men promote recycling by playing music on instruments made from garbage and recycled materials. Here’s […]

RIP: Larry “Wild Man” Fischer

Today, I’m saddened to report another casualty in the music universe.

Larry “Wild Man” Fischer, as far as I know, didn’t record LOUIE LOUIE, nor did he have any obvious connections to the song.

Wild Man Fischer, was however, the very first musician to record for Rhino Records. The first release was a […]

Jim Valley in Indonesia – LOUIE of the Week

Jim Valley is what you’d call a “Northwest LOUIE LOUIE veteran.” Born in Tacoma, Washington, Jim joined the Viceroys during high school, playing guitar on the 1963 regional hit “Granny’s Pad.” In 1965 Valley joined Don & the Goodtimes, a Portland band formed by Don Gallucci, the original keyboardist for the Kingsmen. In 1966, […]

RIP: Carl Gardner of the Robins & the Coasters

On Sunday, we lost another rock music pioneer. Carl Gardner, founding member of the Robins, which evolved into the Coasters, has passed away. The 83 year old singer died of congestive heart failure. He had battled Alzheimer’s disease and passed at Florida’s Port St. Lucie Hospice Home, according to a statement made by his […]

RIP: Shasta Bates, singer-songwriter

Sometimes, certain events seem to set you back, providing an unintended pause as you stop to reassess things before proceeding forward with your original plans

A death of a friend can certainly throw a monkey wrench into the grand scheme of things.

Such is the case over at this website home of the LOUIE […]

The Witches – LOUIE of Week

From France a band known as the Witches perform LOUIE LOUIE!

It’s a LOUIE of the Week! ENJOY!