Meet Bob Wayne, of Rhino’s Best of LOUIE LOUIE and Big Daddy

This week, I’d like to introduce the world to someone that was closely involved with the 1983 Rhino record known as THE BEST OF LOUIE LOUIE, a release that was one of the catalysts, along with the KFJC radio marathon, that directly inspired behind this LOUIE LOUIE documentary project. It was the synergy of […]

The Copy Cats – LOUIE of the Week

This week, the LOUIE spotlight is on The Copy Cats, a band from Germany.

Here they are performing live at Angi’s Birthday Bash, Dreikönigskeller, Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The Copy Cats began in 1991 in the town of Frankfurt. Members of the band include Silke, lead vocals (ex-Machotoys), Mülli, guitar & vocals (ex-Ten Buck Fuck), […]

The sad story of the Singing Nun, whose song stopped LOUIE from #1 spot

Back in 1963, LOUIE LOUIE by the Kingsmen was very close to becoming a #1 Billboard hit. There was one song that stopped LOUIE LOUIE from reaching that special destination.

“Dominique” by the Singing Nun was the big roadblock that stood in the way of LOUIE LOUIE.

As it turns out, there’s now a […]

RIP: Dave McElhatton, San Francisco news anchor

On Monday, we lost Dave McElhatton, a news anchorman for KPIX Channel 5, the San Francisco CBS affiliate. I never met the man, but I’d heard a lot of stories about about a decent human being he was. Dave retired from broadcasting in 2000 after nearly 50 years on the airwaves at KCBS radio […]

Mark Lindsay and a couple of Monkees- LOUIE of the Week

Hey, hey… it’s two of the Monkees backing up Mark Lindsay without any other Raiders!

Live from Sacramento, California at some kind of private party that I missed on August 4, 2010, it’s Mark Lindsay singing Richard Berry‘s most famous melody. Two out of four Monkees, namely Mickey Dolenz and Peter Tork, are along […]

The Underdogs of 1988- LOUIE of the Week

This week’s LOUIE comes from Australia.

Here’s the Underdogs doing a LOUIE LOUIE-Wild Thing medley sometime in 1988. The Underdogs are Adam Warnock, John Cunningham, Don Mclean, and Julian Ardas.

Ian Lloyd & Mary Wilson- LOUIE of the Week

This week’s LOUIE isn’t Richard Berry‘s classic melody, but the song “Brother Louie,” which is often mistaken for LOUIE LOUIE. Originally written by Errol Brown and Tony Wilson of the group Hot Chocolate, this song was a top 10 UK chart hit for the band in 1973, but it didn’t become a hit in States […]

RIP: Mitch Miller, the Anti-LOUIE

Mitch Miller, the man who popularized sing-along performances before the invention of karaoke, has passed away at the age of 99 years old. He was was an American musician, singer, conductor, record producer, A&R man and record company executive. He was considered one of the most influential figures in American popular music during the […]

The Shockwaves 1999 beach performance – LOUIE of the Week

Today, the second day of August, we’re going to celebrate the birthday of Joe Kelly, one of the two original guitarists of the Shockwaves, a Bay Area surf band that became active in the 1980s. This 1999 performance was probably the last time the band did anything together before the members drifted apart. This was […]