The Shockwaves 1999 beach performance – LOUIE of the Week

Today, the second day of August, we’re going to celebrate the birthday of Joe Kelly, one of the two original guitarists of the Shockwaves, a Bay Area surf band that became active in the 1980s. This 1999 performance was probably the last time the band did anything together before the members drifted apart. This was a rather unique performance, playing for themselves and a group of friends on a beach in Santa Cruz. It wasn’t really promoted in any way. It just kinda happened…

The band had gone through various incarnations with different personnel over the years, but this particular version was a reunion of the original founding members with guitarists Joe Kelly and Jon Kohlman along with drummer Jeff “Stretch” Riedle. The only change to the original formula was that Jessica Hayden, rather than Randy Hyden was the bassist for this performance.

I know that this clip of the Shockwaves was a previous LOUIE of the Week, but what the hey.. some of you folks hadn’t seen this little clip that I shot. So it’s time to recycle…..

Happy Birthday Joe!

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