Bergen County Firefighters Pipe Band- LOUIE of the Week

This week, we acknowledge the Bergen County Firefighters Pipe Band (featuring The SHOTS), performing LOUIE LOUIE with “Wooly Bully.” The event was a 2008 Saint Patrick’s Day celebration at Savannah, Georgia.

I love the sound of these bagpipes! Good job, guys!

How to determine authentic Jerden Kingsmen 45 single

With my little LOUIE website, I get a lot of requests for information about determining prices for certain LOUIE recordings. Here’s an example of a recent inquiry I received regarding a Jerden 45 by the Kingsmen:

I have a 45 of Louie Louie on the original Jerden label on Ebay now, I was just […]

Sonics – Live LOUIE in London

Here’s the word on the recent Sonics shows in London, courtesy of my pal Chester Rocket of the UK:

It was AMAZING!!!!

And yes, they did do THAT SONG, and boy was it good !

(sorry for those that weren’t there, but it was a proper occasion, and they did not disappoint…. check out youtube)


Sonic Boomers – LOUIE of the week

I’m kinda bummed that I missed the second set of reunion shows with the Sonics that took place in London this weekend. Once again, I was limited by my bank account and other job commitments. URGGH!!! Hopefully, these guys will play their hometown of Tacoma, Washington… or better yet, San Francisco, my turf!

Luckily, not […]

A unique short music documentary

A few weeks ago, we had the Academy Awards. I still haven’t watched the whole thing yet, but one of these days, I plan on checking out the show, recorded for posterity on a little DVD-R.

One thing I did catch was the presentation for the best animated short film. There was one nominated film […]

LOUIE of the Week – Vintage Black Flag

Digging into the vintage video clips of the YouTube library, I decided to highlight another nugget from the past for this week’s LOUIE of the Week.

This is Black Flag at the Ukrainian Hall, Los Angeles, December 10, 1982. Dez Cadena, the vocalist for the 1981 Black Flag recording of LOUIE LOUIE (“who needs […]

Ian Lloyd & the Stories – Brother LOUIE comes to California

Richard Berry‘s LOUIE LOUIE composition isn’t the only great song that uses the lyrical stanza of “Louie Louie.” There’s “Meet Me in St Louis, Louis,” a song written by Andrew B. Sterling and Kerry Mills in 1904, the subject of a 1944 movie starring Judy Garland. One can’t forget “Run Joe” a 1948 song by […]

Louie Louie- the musical comedy

A few months ago, I mentioned a LOUIE LOUIE musical comedy stage production written by Larry Cutrone.

Here’s a little video clip of that show as performed by The Theatre at Wilkie Hall 2006. Yes, there is a little performance of THE SONG.


LOUIE of the Week – Vintage Paul Revere & Raiders video clip

Today it’s my birthday. It’s Mark Lindsay‘s too. I’m gonna have a good time… I’d like you to dance…

Yes, today is March 9, the birthday for yours truly, the producer/director of the upcoming LOUIE LOUIE documentary, and webmaster/janitor for this little website.

March 9 is also the birthday for Mark Lindsay, the […]

Meet Luie Luie – creator of “Touchy”

My old friend J.C. Clone, a DJ from the infamous KFJC Maximum LOUIE LOUIE marathon, discovered an artist that I needed to know about…

From the website, I quote:

Some years ago, a Los Angeles area collector stumbled across an orphaned copy of the “Touchy” in a thrift store. It was shared through […]