December Roadtrip, Part 2

(photo of Highway 5, the day after it was closed down because of Southern California snow)

Despite the little challenges I faced getting this roadtrip together, including the unexpected closure of I-5 on Saturday, this has been a very successful expedition so far. Over the years as I’ve shot footage for the documentary, I’ve […]

Adventures of a Documentary Filmmaker – December Roadtrip, Part 1

Saturday afternoon, as I reflected on the plans I made for the road trip I hoped to start a few days ago, I made a few calls, and decided I would do my roadtrip after all. As I made too many plans to set this up, my work schedule was free for the next week, […]

Altered Plans – Part 2

After an intense week of planning a big roadtrip to Los Angeles, only to sidelined by reports of big rainstorms, it appears that the so-called floods just didn’t happen. Everyone expected a massive downpour, and when I made my calls on Friday afternoon, it sounded like was definitely going to happen. Not wanting to deal […]

Even the best plans….

Today, I’m a bit more frustrated that usual. I made big plans to do a big roadtrip to Southern California to meet with a lot of people. I thought I’d check out DocuFest. I wanted to see some new video gear at DV Expo. I was invited to participate in a radio show. I wanted […]

There’s a Riot Goin’ On!

Here’s my latest YouTube posting:

Richard Berry – LIVE in Mountain View, California on November 17, 1989, performing “Riot in Cell Block #9.”

Last year, I posted one of Richard’s LOUIE LOUIE performances from this same show on YouTube right after Michael Rivinius, leader of the Simplistics had passed away. The day I […]

Historic Piano with LOUIE LOUIE connections

Today, I just found out that the Cindy Lindahl will be selling off her dad’s grand piano. Her father, Robert Lindahl, who passed away in 2006, was the original recording engineer for both the Kingsmen and Paul Revere & the Raiders. Both bands recorded LOUIE at Northwestern Incorporated of Portland, Oregon in the month […]

A Couple of LOUIE Links

A few things to share today. First, thanks my friend Roger Hart, former manager of Paul Revere & the Raiders, I now know about Robin Mitchell‘s webpage dedicated to Portland radio circa 1962-1965. Here’s an example of what some of this webpage looks like:

As you can see by this image, Robin is certainly […]