Even the best plans….

Today, I’m a bit more frustrated that usual. I made big plans to do a big roadtrip to Southern California to meet with a lot of people. I thought I’d check out DocuFest. I wanted to see some new video gear at DV Expo. I was invited to participate in a radio show. I wanted to check out some live music at some nightclubs I used to visit when I lived there in 1997. Most importantly, I was really looking forward to seeing some old friends. I tried to leave on Wednesday, then Thursday, but last-minute things came up, and I was hoping I’d be able to start the 7 hour drive this morning.

Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other plans. Big news reports of massive rainstorms, and flooded freeways in Southern California forced to rethink my weekend ambitions. I really hate having to change my plans, having devoted so much time to push things forward.

If there’s any good news this weekend, it’s that I’ll be able to see Paul Thorn at the KPIG Humbug Hoedown on Saturday in Santa Cruz. I discovered his music a few months ago when he opened up for David Bromberg at a show I videotaped, and thought he was pretty darned amazing.

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