Altered Plans – Part 2

After an intense week of planning a big roadtrip to Los Angeles, only to sidelined by reports of big rainstorms, it appears that the so-called floods just didn’t happen. Everyone expected a massive downpour, and when I made my calls on Friday afternoon, it sounded like was definitely going to happen. Not wanting to deal with chaos of a natural disaster, I put everything on hold.

I should have trusted my gut instinct. I rarely pay attention to weather reports, and this was an exception. I didn’t want to deal with a “Katrina” type situation, so I stayed home.

Frustrated as I was with my new change of plans, I was able to be semi-productive tonight. I decided to do a quick video edit of a video I shot with a local country western band, Red Meat. I shot footage of the band at a Johnny Paycheck tribute show in 2003, and I’ve been meaning to share an except on YouTube with fellow Red Meat fans, as well as see if there’s any interest in a completed show. Dave Alvin, Chris Gaffney, Dave Gonzalez, and a handful of other musicians took part in this event, which was originally designed as a fundraiser for Johnny Paycheck, who died before the event took place. Here’s an embed of the video I posted tonight:

It feels good to share this footage, and I’m glad I did this, but I still wish I stuck to my original plans. Perhaps I might be able to do it next weekend.. or not. I don’t know…

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