RIP: Ruth Wallis, saucy singer-songwriter

Note to all entertainers: Whatever you do, do not die during the last weeks of the month of December. Your death will probably be ignored during all “end-of-year those-who-died” news summaries, as you will have missed the deadline for most of the publications.

As far as I know, Ruth Wallis did not perform the […]

Frank Zappa’s Last LOUIE

Here’s a video I didn’t know existed until now. On my Frank Zappa & LOUIE LOUIE page, I documented all the known instances where Frank Zappa utilized elements from this iconic rock song. I mentioned that Yellow Shark, the last project released before his death in 1993, contained a track entitled “Welcome to the United […]

Merry Christmas!

My best wishes to all my friends in cyberspace on this special day!

A Special Message from the Berry Family

Here’s a special holiday message to all the friends of from the family of Richard Berry, author of the song LOUIE LOUIE. This is from Pamela and Richard Marcel Berry– Richard’s two oldest children, and Richard D’Juan and Devon Berry– a couple of grandkids. On behalf of the other children that weren’t able to […]

NEW video – Mojo Nixon “Christmas Christmas”

This is a particularly busy week. The holidays are always hectic around the E.P. headquarters, and this year is no exception. One thing I decided to do this week was release an exclusive clip of Mojo Nixon from the E.P. archives. This will be the first of two LOUIE-inspired video clips I’ll be sharing for […]

Kingtones & The Holy Grail

Today, I’m going to let my friend Drake Bradley do a guest blogging about a musical quest that involves LOUIE LOUIE. Enjoy ! – E.P.

* * * * * * * *

The Holy Grail

I suppose some people might Google the phrase above and wonder how the heck they ended up at a […]

A Holiday LOUIE Moment

My friend Clay Stabler recently witnessed a wonderful LOUIE LOUIE moment recently:

Here’s a true story about a nice LL holiday moment. I was waiting on line at the Southwest Airlines counter in the Nashville airport last week when I heard a local high school symphony band playing Christmas carols nearby. I wasn’t really paying […]

The Organization Known as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

One of the most discussed topics in the rock music community is the organization known as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. This week, there was an announcement about the latest inductees to this organization – Madonna, Leonard Cohen, John Mellencamp, The Ventures, and The Dave Clark Five. For the most part, I do […]

December Roadtrip – Mission Accomplished

I’m back intact from my quick little roadtrip to Southern California for this LOUIE project. I got a lot of good things done on this excursion, and I’ll reporting on some of this in future blog postings.

By producing this film, I’ve been accused of being nostalgic for the past, as I embrace and celebrate […]

December Roadtrip, Part 3

(Location of the old 1997 E.P. mailing address – please no more resumes!)

This week has been a good week for a roadtrip. I’ve had a chance to re-connect with old friends, and set up foundations for future alliances. I’ve been gathering more stories, more photographs, and even shot some new segments for the […]