A Holiday LOUIE Moment

My friend Clay Stabler recently witnessed a wonderful LOUIE LOUIE moment recently:

Here’s a true story about a nice LL holiday moment. I was waiting on line at the Southwest Airlines counter in the Nashville airport last week when I heard a local high school symphony band playing Christmas carols nearby. I wasn’t really paying much attention when suddenly they starting playing LL! This was very cool for two reasons:

1. Who would expect to hear LL in the middle of a Christmas program?

2. All the people behind the Southwest counter started dancing!

Southwest is known as a fun airline, but seeing them all gyrating to LL was quite a kick and a definite contribution to the holiday spirit.

Peace on earth and good will to men,


What a brilliant concept – sneaking in LOUIE LOUIE with Christmas songs!

I hope to see more of this sort of thing!

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