Wailers at Woodstick

The Wailers may not have reached their goal of 1,600+ guitars at the recent LouieFest, but it looks like they did reach a new world record for drummers. Getting 250+ drummers to perform LOUIE LOUIE is pretty darned cool, if you ask me…

Check out this YouTube clip from Woodstick 2007:


Sonics reunion – mere days away…

If only my bank account wasn’t like a perpetually-hungry feral dog, slurping away with a frantic appetite at what meager scraps were thrown into it’s under-nourished belly, I’d be in New York city next weekend for the most anticipated reunion in the garage rock music circles.

Unfortunately, it looks like I’m going to have […]

KFJC Tomb of the Unknown LOUIEs, part 1

Twenty-four years ago, there was a crazy LOUIE LOUIE marathon that attempted to break all world records. For six months, there was a serious effort by college radio station KFJC to track down every known version of the song. Bands were solicited. Every student that took a course in radio production at Foothill College […]

More rockin’ videos from the E.P. archive

After my recent posting of a Frontier Wives video I shot ages ago, I was bombarded with requests for more video of this extinct San Jose band. So, by special request, here’s another song by the Frontier Wives. Here’s a cover version of of the song “The Night Chicago Died,” originally performed by the band […]

A Rockin’ LOUIE music video from San Jo’

San Jose, California isn’t really known for being much of a music town. Maybe you’ve heard of Count Five, Syndicate of Sound and the Chocolate Watchband, who all started here in the 1960’s. During the 70’s, the Doobie Brothers made it big, and in recent years, Smashmouth had some pretty good success. As I mentioned […]

1966 Billboard ad for Kingsmen re-issue

Here’s an advertisement from a Billboard magazine, dated April 30, 1966.

It’s interesting how this was an advertisement in Billboard magazine, showing off the Top 100 chart status in Cashbox magazine, which was Billboard’s competition. LOUIE LOUIE had just re-entered the top 100 chart, a few years after it’s initial entry.

If […]

Oregon Celebration with Kingsmen & Mark Lindsay

There’s a celebration going in Oregon this Saturday, and it’s a special induction ceremony for an all-new organization. The Oregon Music Hall of Fame (OMHOF) is a new, non-profit organization created to help preserve Oregon’s unique musical heritage. The focus is to recognize and promote the legacy of exceptional Oregon musicians of the past, […]

Today is Instant Karma Day

I began my LOUIE LOUIE quest at a little radio station that decided to host a massive LOUIE LOUIE marathon where the song was played for 63 hours with over 800 versions. I don’t expect many people to understand, but for me it was truly a life-changing experience.

Today is the birthday of one of […]

Between Richard Berry and Rockin’ Robin Roberts

In documenting the story of LOUIE LOUIE, I’ve met a lot of people that have shared their insight about how this song made it’s way into the Pacific Northwest, where it was embraced as a regional anthem.

In the Dave Marsh book on LOUIE LOUIE, Ron Holden & the Playboys were given credit for […]