Sonics reunion – mere days away…

a cool illustration of the SONICS courtesy of New Yorker magazine

If only my bank account wasn’t like a perpetually-hungry feral dog, slurping away with a frantic appetite at what meager scraps were thrown into it’s under-nourished belly, I’d be in New York city next weekend for the most anticipated reunion in the garage rock music circles.

Unfortunately, it looks like I’m going to have to miss the reunion of The Sonics. I really had high hopes of travelling to the Cave Stomp to see Tacoma’s legendary pre-punk garage rock pioneers, but unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be. Folks that owe me money are taking their sweet time in paying, and I just can’t afford to fly to the Big Apple right now.


In the meantime, there is some good press on this show. The illustration was borrowed from a Night Life article in NewYorker magazine. RollingStone has an article by David Fricke.

The last I heard, tickets are still available for both Friday and Sunday shows. Relatively cheap too, considering how many bands are going to be performing at this event.

If someone has some mad money or airline tickets they want to throw my way, I’m all all ears.

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