New Year’s Resolution #1 – AVOID CIRCUIT CITY

This has absolutely nothing to do with LOUIE LOUIE, but merely the frustrations of another consumer.

Back in November, I decided I would switch over my phone plan to Vonage. I loved the idea of paying a flat fee, and being able to make unlimited phone calls to anywhere in the USA and parts of […]

More on James Brown

I was digging around my photo archives, trying to find a decent print from the James Brown show at the Keystone Palo Alto that I photographed, but it appears that certain items are buried deep within my archives. I can find my original 35mm black and white negatives pretty easily, but I don’t have […]

RIP: James Brown, grandfather of Funk / Soul, entertainment icon


That’s the way my friend Laurel described what she felt at 12:42 am on Christmas morning when she sent me an email. James Brown is dead . The song of the same title finally came true today. James Brown died at the age of 73 from complications of pneumonia. What a sad […]

It’s a Wonderful Life -the FBI files

It’s good to know that LOUIE LOUIE wasn’t the only thing investigated by the F.B.I. We can thank good old BoingBoing, Will Chen and John Noakes for reminding us of this very fact.

Also a big sigh relief goes out this week to fans of John Lennon. Thank you, Jon Weiner for your dedication […]

Holiday Greetings from LOUIE Report

I’d like to send out an extended holiday greeting to all my friends out in cyberspace. This is a photo I shot with my Nokia cell phone, and then added some text with good ol’ Photoshop.

To brighten up the holidays, I’d like to recommend some music that I like.

Truth be […]

Thinking about Rockin Robin, the holidaze, and lost ones

It’s 9 days until Christmas, and I’m behind in my usual annual holiday celebrations. I’ve barely purchased any gifts for family and friends, and I still haven’t mailed out any cards to anybody to celebrate the holidays. It usually takes me a bit longer than most folks to get into the spirit of things, and […]

Can YOU do LOUIE LOUIE on a Ravezooka?

Check out the description of the Ravezooka, courtesy of We Make Money Not Art, recycled on BoingBoing, and brought back to you on these very pages:

The Ravezooka is a musical weapon that shoots powerful “hardcore” sounds based on your target’s distance from the instrument.

Squeezing the trigger handle initiates sound and a […]

Hail Hail, Little Bill!

Before the Kingsmen ever recorded LOUIE LOUIE, there were two other musicians that recorded their own versions of the immortal song by Richard Berry. One of them was by Rockin’ Robin Roberts, who was backed by the Wailers, and released on the Etiquette label in 1961.

The other musician that recorded LOUIE LOUIE in […]

More Iggy Pop in 2006

Is the world ready for MORE Iggy Pop? Why the frick not? Look at this jar of peanut butter? Is this not one of the coolest promotional products you’ve ever seen? I want one of these! Big thanks to and Harp magazine for spotting this item. If anyone out there in cyberspace has […]

An Appreciation of a Movie You Probably Didn’t See – Bobby

Back in the mid-1980’s, if someone would have asked me what my favorite films were, I would have put “Repo Man” on my top ten list. It was a quirky little film about a young guy in an odd profession of repossessing autos. There were a lot of really great things going for this film […]