More Iggy Pop in 2006

Iggy Pop peanut butter
Is the world ready for MORE Iggy Pop? Why the frick not? Look at this jar of peanut butter? Is this not one of the coolest promotional products you’ve ever seen? I want one of these! Big thanks to and Harp magazine for spotting this item. If anyone out there in cyberspace has one of these fine jars of peanut butter they’d like to sell or donate to, drop me an email.

Iggy Pop- Easy Action release

OK, it’s time for yet another version of LOUIE LOUIE by Iggy Pop. There’s a new box set entitled “Where the Faces shine” from Easy Action that features 6 live concerts. Conceived to counteract all the unauthorized live recordings being traded, this 6-CD box set looks like it will be a fine addition to the library.

Disc 6 – Palasport Bologna Italia 18th June 1981 is the concert that features LOUIE LOUIE. I haven’t heard it yet, or any other tracks from this collection, but if it’s anything at all like the other Iggy tracks I’ve heard, I’m sure it’s great. Of course, it’s an Iggy Pop record, so if you’re offended easily, please don’t bother.

You remember when the “American Caesar” album came out after the PMRC hearings? There was a warning label that stated simply “This is an Iggy Pop recording.” I loved that!

If you’d like to support by buying this special box set from Amazon, here’s a little plug that could provide this website with a little extra spending cash for the holidays. You can also click on this link to purchase any other items from Amazon, whether or not it’s LOUIE-related, and I get a little kickback for the referral.

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