Can YOU do LOUIE LOUIE on a Ravezooka?

Check out the description of the Ravezooka, courtesy of We Make Money Not Art, recycled on BoingBoing, and brought back to you on these very pages:

Ravezooka- a musical instrument!

The Ravezooka is a musical weapon that shoots powerful “hardcore” sounds based on your target’s distance from the instrument.

Squeezing the trigger handle initiates sound and a beam of light. As the user moves the Ravezooka around, the frequency range being played changes based on the distance of the person or object in front of the instrument. The closer the target, the lower the frequency range. The light emitted from the LED gives a visual clue as to what person or object is being targeted. Sliding the trigger handle back and forth modifies the distortion effect of the sound. The closer the handle is drawn towards the user, the greater the distortion. Volume is controlled by turning the potentiometer knob on the side of the Ravezooka.

The sound of the Ravezooka is generated by MIDI data collected from the sensors and is played through a guitar or bass amplifier from the computer. The sound resembles an analog synthesizer manipulating sine wave frequencies with the aggressiveness of a machine gun.

The Ravezooka was created by Benedetta Piantella Simeonidis and Lesley Flanigan. Here’s their project page, and you can hear it in action at New York University’s Winter Interactive Telecommunications Program show on December 17 and 18.

WOW! I would absolutely love to hear what LOUIE LOUIE would sound like on one of these devices! The first person to send me a recording of LOUIE LOUIE using a Ravezooka as a musical instrument will receive a CD compilation of rare, unreleased versions of LOUIE LOUIE.

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