Jack Ely, original Kingsmen vocalist, to play North Carolina

Jack Ely, the original vocalist for the Kingsmen, who hasn’t done a show in ages, is performing at a special event in North Carolina next month. Here’s the word, direct from the man himself:

It should be announced through the blog that Wendy and I will be attending this: http://www.cammy.org We will be there all […]

RIP: Sandy West, drummer for Runaways

From Stretch Riedle, the uber-archivist of LOUIE recordings:

Only slightly Louie Louie related but very worthy of mention:

Sandy West, the drummer for the Runaways, has died of lung cancer. She was only 47.

About 6 years or so ago I had the pleasure of meeting Sandy West. She was in northern California […]

Quite possibly, the first MySpace LOUIE LOUIE page?

Fellow LOUIE appreciator David Hartwig wrote to tell me of what could very well be the very first MySpace LOUIE LOUIE page. I don’t know… I’m not following the MySpace buzz, but this does seem to be a fairly decent tribute to the coolest garage rock song of all time. It’s in French, so French-illiterates […]

YouTube purges 30,000 Videos over copyright

Hot off the presses from Yahoo News:

TOKYO – The popular video-sharing site YouTube deleted nearly 30,000 files after a Japanese entertainment group complained of copyright infringement.

The Japan Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers, found 29,549 video clips such as television shows, music videos and movies posted on YouTube’s site without permission, […]

RIP: Jennell Hawkins, singer with Richard Berry + Freddie Willis

Here’s some sad news:

Singer-pianist Jennell Hawkins died in Los Angeles on Friday, October 13, after a long illness following a stroke last year. She was the lead singer on the Dreamers‘ well-regarded “Since You’ve Been Gone”/”Do Not Forget” (Flip Records, 1957), and also dueted with Richard Berry (as Ricky & Jennell) on a […]

Recovering from the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Fest of 2006…

There are some things in life that are absolute joy. They entertain, inspire, and recharge the essence of the human experience. It can be something as simple as visiting a beautiful place that inspires your inner child, or connecting with an old friend that makes you laugh. Every person has something that really makes them […]

Battle of the Album Covers

With a tip of the hat to Mark Evanier‘s NewsFromMe.com blog, I am happy to mention a brilliant short video that rock and roll enthusiasts will appreciate.

Ugly Pictures created this violent little masterpiece.

I didn’t see any LOUIE references in this one.


RARE Richard Berry video- who was that mystery yodeler?

In memory of my late friend Michael Rivinius, I decided to post a video of him with Richard Berry performing “LOUIE LOUIE.”

The time was November 17, 1989. The place was JJ’s Blues Cafe in Mountain View, California. Singer-songwriter Richard Berry was in town for a special performance Richard’s son Marcel Berry played bass, […]

RIP: Michael Rivinius, musician

This week, thanks to my pal David at Punmaster.com, I received word that musician Michael Rivinius had died.

I first met Michael back in 1989 when he arranged a show with Richard Berry at JJ’s Blues Cafe in Mountain View, CA. Michael assembled his band, The Simplistics, to back up Richard, and they put […]

The Matalan UK TV commercial with LOUIE LOUIE

Theo of the LouieLouie Pages reported on yet another TV commercial that uses LOUIE LOUIE:

While on holiday in the UK these last few weeks I stumbled upon yet another new TV commercial using Louie Louie. It’s from some clothing stores chain called Matalan. It uses an edit from the Kingsmen’s version. It’s still […]