RIP: Sandy West, drummer for Runaways

Sandy West

From Stretch Riedle, the uber-archivist of LOUIE recordings:

Only slightly Louie Louie related but very worthy of mention:

Sandy West, the drummer for the Runaways, has died of lung cancer. She was only 47.

About 6 years or so ago I had the pleasure of meeting Sandy West. She was in northern California for a gig. She walked into my cd store, and we chatted. She also put some cds on consignment.

Very nice woman. You could tell she had had a tough life though. (Smoking probably was the eventual cause.)

Now she gets to jam with Keith Moon.

The Louie connection…?…Joan Jett, her bandmate, has done Louie Louie over the years as part of her live shows, as well as recording it for commercial release.

For more on Sandy, check out the Rocket City Records page.

5 comments to RIP: Sandy West, drummer for Runaways

  • Olivia Davis

    Sad reality and a HUGE wake up call for all who read this! Ain’t no party in hell.
    If Keith Moon and Sandy West,died without Jesus as their Savior,the music is no more. JOHN 3:3=HAPPY ETERNITY
    LOOK UP 2 LIVE AND LIVE READY! Eternity is a choice that must be made BEFORE our fleshly body dies! The spirit leaves the body and enters only one of two places. Heaven, for the saved and hell, for the sadly lost. Hell is only the holding station. The lake of fire will be the FINAL and eternal realm for refusers of the FREE gift of eternal life,through Jesus Christ.
    It’s a Burger King life, until we die and then face judgment!

  • Steve Henosn

    this is not the place for this Olivia… Think about Sandy’s Family…. You are not a good rep of religion.

  • kiyarn

    the sick in the gut feeling is still there.,what we had is sill there,,my reason for becoming a drum teck is sandys doing,,the message from the runaways ,to me was,,,be your self,and stay away from the bad stuf in what you do;;” im 47 .ive been smokeing since 5 years old;;;;;;””i have a reason of not giving up ;;its all my life;;;”but with sandys music i and you will know the music has that message there alreaddy,listen to whats seid, learn whats been seid…the runaways at the time didnt;; but now thay have; and we can still.; lose them all…kim fouwly got sandy rect.the quote of kim got me knon;;he is also the reason im broke,and a drugo and alacholic ,,ive met joan and lita.;;..sandy was the one i realy whanted to meet;;; and i have every time i play my records”thank you sandy ;you will always be the front runner;;;.

  • Ashley Smyth

    I leave my thoughts to Sandy West and the rest of the runaways. Sandy was my inspiration and if not for the runaways (especially Sandy West) My life would of been crap. I thank her for giving me my life, playing drums and guitar and Leave with this…RIP Sandy West. xx

  • Bulldog Crothers

    I just read this. Olivia has no idea who or what Sandy was. I had known hwer since she was a freshman long before she Started up the Runaways. Whether she knew Christ or not none of yours or anyones business. I know she was smart, fun, nice and a helluva drummer. She had her demons, but so does everyone. R.I.P. Sandy (Pesavento) West

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