Whole buncha Zappa articles + LOUIE is indeed soul music!

My pal David the Punmaster just sent me a link to a webpage that lists a whole bunch of Frank Zappa articles: http://home.online.no/~corneliu/interviews.htm

It doesn’t list the Rip Rense article about Frank Zappa, but it’s still the most comprehensive Zappa article online database I’ve seen so far. And yes, there are some LOUIE references within […]

Mojo tunes into Jimi, LOUIE, and the Wailers

Right after Christmas, I found myself in Tower Records, returning a CD that I received twice. Wandering around the magazine section, I found the last copy of the December issue of Mojo magazine, featuring a cover article on Jimi Hendrix, an extensive interview with the ellusive Kate Bush, something about “Sex and Drugs” with Debbie […]

Hail Hail, Ron Barrett!

The good folks at Spectropop have created a webpage dedicated to the career of Ron Barrett, a friend of Richard Berry. Here’s a nice little excerpt:

Ron Barrett was a colleague of H.B. Barnum and Richard Berry, Phil Spector and Jack Nitzsche, Bobby Darin and Sonny Bono but, sadly, he is rather less well-known. […]

An unlikely movie about the Kingsmen

Over on eBay, found an odd listing for a 1978 movie entitled “Youngblood” that features a storyline involving the Kingsmen. Check this out:

This is an action film about L.A. gangs. A young kid (Youngblood) wants to join the Kingsmen. But being so young, he has to impress the gang’s leader. He’s able to […]

The Fabulous Wailers to play New Orleans benefit

The Fabulous Wailers, the band whose version of LOUIE LOUIE inspired the Kingsmen to record that amazing hit record back in 1963, are scheduled to perform at a massive benefit for New Orleans and Gulf Coast musicians next May. Here’s some details about this event, recycled from the press release:

Ponderosa Stomp, the annual […]

Demi Moore to do LOUIE and other links to the LOUIE circle

According to a webpage dedicated to Tim McGraw and Faith Hill that I discovered via Technorati, actress Demi Moore is recording a version of LOUIE LOUIE for a movie about Senator Robert F. Kennedy. Here’s the link for this timely news.

Off the top of my head, here’s some semi-related cyclical information that ties back […]

Japanese review of LOUIE?

Oh….. how I wish I could read Japanese. This looks like a Japanese review of the Ace Records “Love That LOUIE” CD:


Old music videos online- probably not for long….

Hey, want to see some crusty old rock music clips with the Yardbirds, the Seeds, Count Five, Wilson Pickett, Ray Charles, the Zombies, the Rolling Stones, and some other great musicians from the 60’s? Here’s a link that has a whole bunch of fine music clips. It probably won’t last, so enjoy it while you […]


It looks like even the F.B.I. now has an official “LOUIE LOUIE webpage“. Nowhere on this page does it mention that I was probably the first person to petition the Federal Bureau of Investigation for these files under the Freedom of Information Act, but Dave Marsh’s book of LOUIE LOUIE does acknowledge this tasty tidbit […]

Another reason there’s no LOUIE lyrics at LouieLouie.net

Folks keep pestering me for LOUIE LOUIE lyrics. I’ve created a webpage explaining why I don’t offer ’em. People still keep hounding me. They don’t seem to realize I don’t want to alienate the music publishers that I want to work with.

Today in BoingBoing, I found a reminder why I do what I do: