Demi Moore to do LOUIE and other links to the LOUIE circle

According to a webpage dedicated to Tim McGraw and Faith Hill that I discovered via Technorati, actress Demi Moore is recording a version of LOUIE LOUIE for a movie about Senator Robert F. Kennedy. Here’s the link for this timely news.

Off the top of my head, here’s some semi-related cyclical information that ties back into the loop of LOUIE:

1) In the television show MOONLIGHTING, the episode “Every Daughter’s Father Is a Virgin” includes a bit where Demi’s ex-husband Bruce Willis makes a reference to LOUIE LOUIE.

2) Bruce Willis used to be a spokesperson for a wine cooler TV campaign in the 1980’s. (NOTE: California Cooler wine cooler won a Clio for their LOUIE LOUIE ad campaign, and another company created a LOUIE LOUIE wine cooler. Does anyone still drink wine coolers?)

3) When Robert Kennedy was attorney general, citizens wrote to him about the perversity of LOUIE LOUIE, according to FBI LOUIE LOUIE files.

4) Robert Kennedy was parodied with a “Wild Thing” version recording created by a Kennedy-soundalike. “Wild Thing,” composed by Chip Taylor, made popular by the Troggs and Jimi Hendrix, is considered by many as a song directly inspired by LOUIE LOUIE.

5) Demi’s Moore first feature film “Blame It on Rio” produced in 1984, explores some of the same themes explored in the lyrical content of LOUIE LOUIE- one person’s frustrated quest for a lost love (or lust) while stuck in the confines of a warm idyllic environment (substitute Rio for Jamaica).

6) As far as I know, Kevin Bacon has not performed LOUIE LOUIE…. yet.

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