Pop Machine meets Steely Dan = LOUIE of Week

Scott Sookman wrote to me about his version of LOUIE LOUIE: Not sure if I ever sent you an email about the version of LL done by the band I was in “Pop Machine” around 1991. One of my other compadres, Tommy G, has posted it on his... Read more →

Notes from a fellow archivist

(Here’s a little email that I found in my email box that I felt was worth sharing with others….) So, I have this weird hobby. I became interested with a single song and the many different versions of it. I began collecting the different... Read more →

Politics and LOUIE LOUIE

I think I did pretty good this year. Four years ago, I ran into some problems when I shared some of my political beliefs on this website, which probably wasn’t the best idea of mine, as I try to focus on a more universal appeal with... Read more →

Smashing Pumpkins on Halloween – LOUIE of Week

Smashing Pumpkins on Halloween? That sounds like a perfect combination to me! On October 31, 2008, the night yours truly was witnessing the Sonics do their big homecoming reunion show in Seattle, the Smashing Pumpkins embarked on the first... Read more →

Chess Records docu-drama feature film

I just saw an interesting trailer for the upcoming feature “Cadillac Records,” which is a docu-drama about Chess Records, which was the label that released big hits by Muddy Waters, Chuck Berry, Howlin’ Wolf, and Bo Diddley. The... Read more →

The Return of the Sonics

Last night, the Sonics did their first performance in Seattle in 36 years. It was definitely a historic moment, and I’m glad I spent the money to fly out for this one. I ran into a lot of old friends, met some cyberspace pals, and... Read more →