Pop Machine meets Steely Dan = LOUIE of Week

Scott Sookman wrote to me about his version of LOUIE LOUIE:

Not sure if I ever sent you an email about the version of LL done by the band I was in “Pop Machine” around 1991.

One of my other compadres, Tommy G, has posted it on his blog, along with an explanation of the thought behind the song, which was actually officially titled “Louie Louie Meets Steely Dan.”

Click HERE to hear it.

Pop Machine LOUIE

The people in the band were/are:
Allan Morgan – keyboards, guitars, vocals
Scott Hewitt – guitar, vocals
Scott Sookman – keyboards, vocals (me)

Long story short, we met in college doing a comedy show on the student TV station circa 1986, and also formed a band, and did so again later when we all moved to Los Angeles.

Yes, we were a real band as we actually played TWO CONCERTS and appeared on Dr. Demento about 3 or 4 times. Continued recording stuff in the studio for many years after that, and our CD is still for sale at CD Baby and Amazon.

Thank you Scott! This is a nice version! As I appreciate the dedication brought to the creation of this recording. You and the band are winners of the LOUIE OF THE WEEK award!

While we’re on the subject of Steely Dan, I thought it might be fun to share a rare advertisement of a Steely Dan record from 1973. I believe this is from a Rolling Stone newspaper

Steely Dan and LOUIE LOUIE ad

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