The Kingsmen (without Jack Ely) – LOUIE of the Week

I’ve been giving Jack Ely a lot of attention to this blog lately, so I thought I’d give some attention to the band that parted ways with him.

The Kingsmen had the big hit with “LOUIE LOUIE” in 1963, but they never actually toured with the original singer. There was a big argument between Lynn […]

Vegas Report for Jack Ely & the Courtmen

I missed the big show in Las Vegas last week, but here’s a report of the latest reunion with Jack Ely & the Courtmen.

Here’s a few words from the man himself:

This was the quintessential “geezers night out.” Jack Ely and The Courtmen, revived after 42 years, was having a ball. It […]

RIP: Lloyd Thaxton, host of 60’s TV dance show

Last Sunday, Lloyd Thaxton, host of a popular Los Angeles TV dance show in the 1960s, passed away at the age of 81. After being diagnosed with multiple myeloma back in May, he passed away at his home in Studio City, survived by his wife, Barbara.

The Los Angeles Times provided a nice […]

Seven Days Til Vegas – Jack Ely & The Courtmen

Seven days from now, Jack Ely, the original vocalist of LOUIE LOUIE with the Kingsmen, will be performing a very special show in Las Vegas, Nevada with The Courtmen, the band he formed after he left the Kingsmen, and was prohibited to use the Kingsmen name. I asked Jack for details about this upcoming […]

Update on Jack Ely & Courtmen at Las Vegas

Here’s the official word on the Las Vegas show, direct from the source:

The cat is out of the bag.

The “Sand Dollar Blues Nightclub and Lounge,” Las Vegas, NV. will be the place of the Oct. 1, 2008 reunion gig by Jack Ely and The Courtmen. We Will play one set only, not […]

Jack Ely & The Courtmen to play special show in Las Vegas

I got an interesting announcement from Jack Ely, the original lead vocalist for the Kingsmen on the infamous LOUIE LOUIE recording:

Wednesday evening, October 1, 2008, JACK ELY and the original COURTMEN will be performing a set at a club in Las Vegas, and you can bet we’re gonna play Louie Louie. Live […]

Jack Ely of Kingsmen enters Hall of Fame (?)

I love my spies. Today, my pal Pamela Meyer, who runs Alchemy Jewelry of Brooklyn, sent me an article from the Chicago Tribune about the topic of mangled lyrics. Here’s a few excerpts that seemed LOUIE-worthy:

On the few occasions when I’ve checked, a song’s actual lyrics turn out to be less interesting that my […]

Historic Piano with LOUIE LOUIE connections

Today, I just found out that the Cindy Lindahl will be selling off her dad’s grand piano. Her father, Robert Lindahl, who passed away in 2006, was the original recording engineer for both the Kingsmen and Paul Revere & the Raiders. Both bands recorded LOUIE at Northwestern Incorporated of Portland, Oregon in the month […]

KFJC Tomb of the Unknown LOUIEs, part 1

Twenty-four years ago, there was a crazy LOUIE LOUIE marathon that attempted to break all world records. For six months, there was a serious effort by college radio station KFJC to track down every known version of the song. Bands were solicited. Every student that took a course in radio production at Foothill College […]

Rare photos of Jack Ely & Courtmen

Here’s a little test… See how many differences you see between the photo on the right and the photo on the left?

OK, here’s another set of images. How many differences did you see this time?

Both of these sets are near-identical photographs of Jack Ely & the Courtmen, the group created by […]