California Games – LOUIE of the Week

This week, I’m necessarily sharing a version of LOUIE LOUIE that doesn’t necessarily excite me or entertain me. On the other hand, this week’s LOUIE of the Week doesn’t look like a typical bar band or another marching band. This is a version that I would categorize as “archival” or “historically-significant.”

It’s a version of LOUIE LOUIE that came from a video game, shared as a YouTube clip by UklaMokk of Brazil. The game was called “California Games,” which was manufactured by Epyx for Atari 2600 and SEGA Master System game platforms. This clip actually has three versions – two computer music versions and one by “The Kingsmen,” which I was actually just Jack Ely re-recording the song without the other guys.

Ironically, this website is maintained in the Silicon Valley region, home of Apple, Google, Intel, Yahoo, and the highly influential, extinct Atari corporation. For what it’s worth, I live within a few miles of the original Round Table Pizza restaurant that was the first place where the public could play the very first Atari application – “Pong.” The video game device is long gone, but you can still order pizza and beer at this mostly-unacknowledged California landmark.

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