Randy King – LOUIE of the Week


This week, my friend Randy King takes the LOUIE LOUIE spotlight!

Randy was one of the musicians that contributed a never-before-shared, 20 year-old LOUIE LOUIE for last week’s Italian LOUIE LOUIE Marathon, which took place on International LOUIE LOUIE Day!

“Any self respecting musician who can play three notes should have a version of the greatest rock song in history!” Randy King


The Song Remains The Same- Joe Maccoll’s obsession

Our pal Joe Maccoll got some attention for his “LOUIE LOUIE obsession” today, thanks to the website known as Sabotage Times!

The Song Remains The Same (Or Not) – The Legend of ‘Louie Louie’ – Sabotage Times


Favorite quote? This one cracks me up:

800 copies though? “I know, I know. There is a guy [I’m in contact with] in America, who has over 1,500 copies. I suppose he makes me appear less mad.”


No comment!

Pee Wee Herman endorses International LOUIE Day!

From the official Pee Wee Herman webpage today!




Alexander Surmont – Italian LOUIE of the Week


With three days before the very FIRST Italian LOUIE LOUIE Marathon, the time was right to share a very cool Italian version of the song, which far as I know, has NEVER been shared publicly!

Alexander Surmont of Belgium provided a magnificent Italian language version of LOUIE LOUIE for the LOUIE LOUIE documentary project that absolutely needed to be shared for this marathon! In this recording, he rephrases the song as ‘Da lui non hai’ which translates to ‘From him, you never have.’ The chords on this version use the (D/ G / Am) structure.

As I didn’t have any footage of Alexander, so I decided to try something a little different for this YouTube clip…. I pulled together some video footage I shot around some of my favorite beaches around San Francisco and Santa Cruz, where I often escape to whenever I need to go see the ocean.

Gunny the Dawg, the official mascot & house dog of LouieLouie.net makes a guest appearance for the first few seconds on this thing….


Anyways, I’d like to encourage all of my friends to tune into the FIRST ITALIAN LOUIE LOUIE MARATHON on April 11th, 2015 starting at 4 PM CET, which turns out to be 10 am EDT (New York time) or 7 am PDT (San Francisco time). (More time conversions can be figured out over at The World Clock website)

This program will be streaming on air on http://www.ormeradio.it/ and live in Via Pontorme 68 ad Empoli (Firenze)-Tuscany-Italy !

Check out these cool graphic memes shared by Riccardo Lancioni, Caterina Di Biase, and company to promote this special event!!





MORE details at the Facebook special event page!

* * * * * *

For those of you having problems listening to the webstream, here’s how to do this….

Go to this page:

There’s an assortment of options to choose from, depending on your device + operating system.

For me, my favorite way of listening is via iTunes on my MacBook Pro. To do this, I had to download a “playlist.pls” file, which I added to my iTunes library… and voila, I’m able to listen via iTunes!

I could also listen to it via Quicktime player by downloading the “playlist.qtl” file.

There’s also a TuneIn Radio app you can download for an iPhone or IPad.

The Strangers – “Crab Louie” – LOUIE (Mutant) of the Week

My friend Hawkeye Jose Scott shared this week’s LOUIE…

At long last, my cousin’s novelty 45 from 1959 is now available!
The Strangers – Crab Louie (Christy 107)

This is certainly an interesting one, which came out two years after Richard Berry’s original LOUIE LOUIE recording in 1957.

It was originally released on the Cristy record label with the “Christy 107″ catalog number…


.. as noted in Billboard magazine, February 9, 1959 as a Pop Record” on page 52…..


… and reissued in France as a part of a 4-song 7″ record on the America Records label!



The song itself doesn’t really share a lot in common with the usual LOUIE LOUIE composition, other than the name and the “Louie Louie Louie” phrase within the lyrics.

In the LOUIE community, we’ve come up with a cataloging system for defining the LOUIE Variations. Here’s three variations that we’ve come up to define these things…

LOUIE BASTARD / LOUIE CLONE – (blatant rewrite – “Farmer John,” “Beg Borow & Steal”, etc..)

LOUIE MUTANT/ RIFF SWIPE – songs that borrowed the riff -“Wild Thing,” “I Can’t Explain,” “More Than A Feeling,” “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” etc…

LOUIE QUOTE – songs that use LOUIE LOUIE phrases w/o actual melody- (The Cramps – “Garbage Man”)

Perhaps this song is more of a “LOUIE QUOTE,” but that doesn’t seem to roll off the tongue as well as a “LOUIE BASTARD” or a “LOUIE MUTANT”… so for lack of a better definition, we’ll just call it a LOUIE MUTANT for now…

There’s some other LOUIE Variations worth mentioning, but we’ll save that for a future blog post!

Here’s “Crab Louie” by the Strangers!

Bon Appétit!!


LOUIE LOUIE Banned in Indiana in 1964

With indiana in the news these days, I thought it’d be a good time to remind everyone of another controversial action by a governor of Indiana…


From the official Indiana Local Government Information website, I present the article ….
Was “Louie Louie” Banned in Indiana?

Give the late Governor Matt Welsh the last word. Dave Marsh interviewed Welsh in 1991, and reported that the former Governor was “frustrated that ‘Louie Louie’ is all he’s remembered for.” Welsh said “I thought the whole thing was a tempest in a teapot, and not worth any extended pursuit. I have no interest in it either way.”

Doin’ It with Richard Berry

Here’s a little graphic shared by Riccardo Lancioni‎ to promote the upcoming “ORME RADIO “LOUIE LOUIE MARATHON” – the very first Italian LOUIE LOUIE marathon that will be taking place on Saturday April 11, 2015!


… and here’s a track called “Doin’ It'” that Richard Berry recorded with Johnny Otis, first shared on the Great Rhythm & Blues Oldies Volume 12 – Richard Berry – 1977- Blues Spectrum album!


Bragg Jack by Mano Negra – LOUIE Mutant of the Week

My friend Clay Stabler shared this one with me!


This one is new to me: “Bragg Jack” by the French group Mano Negra from their 1988 Patchanka LP — named by the French edition of Rolling Stone as the 32nd greatest French album of all time! Who knew? Definitely a LL descendent with the Kingsmen beat at 0:39 and throughout.


A Portuguesse overview of LOUIE LOUIE

Here’s a Portuguesse overview of LOUIE LOUIE, courtesy of Blog Por Dentro do Assunto!


Are you ready for the FIRST Italian LOUIE LOUIE Marathon?

I just received notice about an exciting event that’s taking place on International LOUIE LOUIE Day this year!


OrmeRadio is (reasonably) proud to host the FIRST ITALIAN LOUIE LOUIE MARATHON.


April 11th, 2015 (International Louie Louie Day) – from 4 PM CET onwards

Streaming on air on http://www.ormeradio.it/ and live in Via Pontorme 68 ad Empoli (Firenze)-Tuscany-Italy

We will play every “Louie Louie” version we will be able to find thanks to our collections, and your contributions.

WHO: We, you and everyone who loves rock’n’roll and has a “Louie Louie” to play, sing, act, create, remember and howl

Send your “Louie Louie” version (instrumental, a cappella, acustic versione, etc etc) on file / video / reading / contributions, to [email protected] Come visit us to play a Louie session live and to listen to “Louie Louie” with us. You can also contact us Live trough our Skype contact: ormeradio

More details at the official Facebook page at: