Celebrating M. Dung and Richard Berry – LOUIE of the Week

Today is a special celebration for two friends that are deeply missed. We lost Richard Berry in 1989, and Mike Slavko, aka “M. Dung” in 2017.

Today, Mike Slavko is getting inducted to the Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame, The Class of 2018.

As Mike has often said, the experience of singing LOUIE LOUIE with Richard Berry at the LOUIE LOUIE parade in San Francisco was one of the greatest days of his life.

It actually happened twice. Once in 1988 and again in 1989.

Unfortunately, folks have only seen the 1988 performance.

Today, we take care of this, as we share a newly-assembled clip from 1989 to rectify this situation.

As a wise man named Rockin’ Robin once said, “Let’s give it to ’em, right now!”


If you would like to attend this award ceremony, get yourself over to the Basque Cultural Center in South San Francisco today, starting at 11:30 am. Details at this link.

.. and if you need a refresher on the 1988 parade, here’s a couple of quick reminders:



2 comments to Celebrating M. Dung and Richard Berry – LOUIE of the Week

  • Stretch RIedle

    I had forgotten about this one. I was happy that DaMonz let me play along as a second drummer with their band.

  • John Palmer

    Just googled Louie Louie parade after seeing the kazoo group commercial Facebook is running. Love and behold I find videos of the parade I marched in back 8n 1988. Better yet, I spot my best friend and myself marching with the crowd! What a great memory of a great day,

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