Star La’Moan & Kitchenettes in April 2018 – LOUIE of the Week

It was just another Friday night in Santa Cruz, California.

My friend Star La’Moan and her Kitchenettes were playing at the Poet & Patriot, and my friend Stretch was also there.

As you may recall, Stretch Riedle was the DJ at KFJC Radio whose LOUIE LOUIE shows inspired the big Maximum LOUIE LOUIE marathon that led to the documentary project behind this very webpage.

… and the Poet & Patriot was the nightclub where Stretch experienced a near-fatal cardiac arrest the day after Thanksgiving last year, saved by the heroic actions of our friend Wendy Lang, and the Santa Cruz County Emergency Response team.

Friday was also the night before Stretch’s birthday, as we raised a pint or two to celebrate this very special moment at a very special place.

…. and we’re STILL celebrating!!

Here’s to many more birthdays, my friend!

Here’s Star La’Moan & The Kitchenettes performing a jazzy reggae version of that special song live at Poet Patriot in Santa Cruz, CA on April 20, 2018.

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