It’s International LOUIE LOUIE Day- time for BUFFALO CHIPS!

Today is April 11th, International LOUIE LOUIE Day!

To celebrate this special moment, I’m sharing a rare performance from the E.P. archives, captured from the big event that got me hooked into this LOUIE LOUIE universe.

This is the Buffalo Chips, performing live at the KFJC Radio “Maximum LOUIE LOUIE” marathon on August 20, 1983 sometime around the 9:30 pm hour. This is KFJC version #379 of the 800+ unique versions showcased during this 63 hour marathon. This particular version has some rather euphoric dancing, which really kicks in mid-way of this video clip. The original radio performance was over 20 minutes, but I did some creative editing, combining the video with the aircheck audio track, merging a few guitar solos here and there….

If you recognize anyone in these clips, including yourself, please feel free to leave some comments on this page or the YouTube page.

1 comment to It’s International LOUIE LOUIE Day- time for BUFFALO CHIPS!

  • Chris

    I recognize the guys in the band and the kid in the video… The drummer is Rick Fernandez and the kid is his son, me!

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