London LOUIE LOUIE Calling

Macromedia Guy of the UK stumbled upon an old page from 2002 dedicated to Joe Strummer of the Clash, and wrote to me with this interesting tidbit:

I remember seeing the Clash in early 1980 on their first tour after the release of London Calling. They were joined on stage by Pete Townsend and one of the numbers they did was, of course, LOUIE LOUIE. The studio things were obviously not one-off’s.

If that’s case, I’m hoping someone out there in the archival music universe might have preserved this moment in history. Joe Strummer and Pete Townsend? Damn… I need to hear this!

If you have this, PLEASE speak up!

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  • sandyman

    Me again. Not my real email, just one I use for posting so as I don’t get spam etc. I checked out with friends who were there and it was done as an encore. I do remember that Pete Doherty’s junkie friend/dealer, Paul Roundhill, was backstage setting out “Columbian Marching Powder” to those in attendance. He allegedly (according to him) saw a large nose appearing and said “with a nose that size you can eff off” and then realised who it was. As he is still alive (just) and involved in the Music Bizz he may be able to point you in the direction of some sort of bootleg recording. He was quite friendly with the technician, Pat, at Brighton Poly Art Faculty who made recordings of loads of bands at the Poly. The Clash and the Jam (on the same bill) etc

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