The R.F.’s – Smells like LOUIE LOUIE 2018 (LOUIE of the Week)

This week, the mighty LOUIE REPORT spotlight points in the direction of our friend Ron Fowler and his band The R.F.’s (formerly known as Jeff & the R.F.’s), who just unveiled a brand new version of their fine little LOUIE mutant mash-up entitled “Smells Like LOUIE LOUIE!”

Astute observers will recognize this image of Ron from a comic strip blog posted here eleven years ago. That year, Ron had just released a version of this special song for the 2007 LOUIE FEST in Tacoma, WA.

Anyways, the band is back with this brand-new version of the song.

I’ll let Ron introduce this one…

“This is such a loony idea, i’m surprised nobody else did it before we did. We took the 2 most iconic songs associated with Northwest Rock, 2 songs that NO ONE can understand the words to, and we mashed them together. Imagine Paul Revere and the Raiders, circa 1963, onstage, at the Spanish Castle, kicking off the immortal Richard Berry song…and suddenly the time machine transports them to 1992, and a Nirvana concert at Paramount Northwest….does Kurt Cobain know how to stop and shout and work it on out?….”

I’m just glad these guys are still doing it!

Rock on!

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