CD Virus- more infectious than LOUIE LOUIE!

I’ve had some folks claim that LOUIE LOUIE is like an infectious virus. Once you hear it, you start to hear the familiar 3-chord structure in unlikely places.

Sony BMG unleashed a real monster when it included some special copy-protection software on 20 new CD releases, including the latest recording by Neil “Cherry Cherry” Diamond. Apparently, this XCP copy restriction software automatically installs some kind of technical weirdness on Windows computers that makes them very vulnerable to outside attacks.

How about that for an unexpected gift?

You can read about this music industry disaster by clicking on this WIRED article. If you’d like to find out which 20 CD titles might infect your computer, check out this BoingBoing list of CDs.

If you are absolutely disgusted by the actions of Sony BMG, I’d encourage you to check out the Electronic Freedom Foundation. If you bought any these CDs, didn’t know about the technical problems, and actually played them on your computer, infecting your operating system, the Electronic Freedom Foundation may be able to provide some assistance in defending against this nonsense.

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  • It has been quite frustrating, that damned CD. I’ve not popped it into my cpu CD player, but I have wanted to rip a couple songs for my mp3 player in my car. Not having that as an option kind of sucks. I suppose that’s the point, thoug…keep me from ripping songs.

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