Please Help Freddie Dennis! (singer w/ Sonics, Kingsmen) – LOUIE of Week

A few months ago Freddie Dennis suffered a medical setback with two strokes and now needs some help with his bills as he continues to recover.

A fundraising campaign for Freddie has been set up at

if you can help Freddie, that would be wonderful!

Screamer Freddie Dennis will Rock the House again!

Let’s all help to bring back one of the Pacific Northwest’s Rock Legend, Freddie Dennis. Formerly of the Liverpool Five, Kingsmen, Freddie and the Screamers and currently Lead Vocalist/Bass Player for The Sonics. In July, Freddie had two strokes. These affected his communication center, leaving him with two conditions, aphasia and apraxia. We have been working hard to bring back his memory, speaking, listening and understanding. He has therapy sessions 4 to 5 times a week. Freddie’s progress has been remarkable. This is all because of the talent of all of the wonderful providers, specialists and therapists that have helped us. The copays have been high and continue to grow which is why we are reaching out in this way.

Whatever funds you can donate for Freddie’s medical bills would be WONDERFUL!

. . . .

Here’s a rare clip of Freddie with his band Freddie and the Screamers, featuring some Kingsmen and Sonics alumni Barry Curtis and and Andy Parypa.

While we’re at it, here’s a clip of Freddie singing “Psycho” with the Sonics!


3 comments to Please Help Freddie Dennis! (singer w/ Sonics, Kingsmen) – LOUIE of Week

  • gaye and freddie dennis

    hey this is gaye, freddies wife. I just saw this. Freddie and I would like to give our thanks to all for helping us at this time. Freddie is in physical/occupational and speech therapy and is doing very well. your financial assistance will help with the copays for this healing work. we feel the love. freddie

  • Buddy Logan

    Any new news on Freddie?

  • Tom Veazey

    Blue Monday @ KMUN 91.9
    Our Best And LOVE Thanks For The Magic!

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