2016 LOUIE comic strip – Free Range LOUIE!


It’s time for yet another comic strip that features LOUIE LOUIE!

This one is from the November 30, 2016 edition of Free Range by Bill Whitehead.

Believe it not, the situation described in this comic strip actually happened! Someone DID try to ban the instrumental version of this song by a marching band in 2005. This very thing took place when McCord Middle School Marching Band was was scheduled to play at the Grand Floral Parade in Benton Harbor, Michigan!

For more details about this historic event, click HERE.

If you enjoyed this comic strip, be sure to visit the official GoComics webpage for Free Range, where you can can order the official merchandise!

1 comment to 2016 LOUIE comic strip – Free Range LOUIE!

  • David M Richoux

    Back when warning stickers were part of album cover design, the Stanford Marching Band (LSJUMB) released an album with this warning:
    Contains Instrumental Versions of Songs with Explicit Lyrics!

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