The Acid Fascists – LOUIE of the Week

The Acid Fascists of England have been sharing some fun recordings with me, so with the unveiling of their new LOUIE LOUIE YouTube clips, I decided to award them with a LOUIE of the Week trophy today.

Unfortunately, there is no actual trophy. I haven’t even gotten around to creating a special graphic for the award yet, even though I’ve been giving out these awards for the past year or so…

In this clip, you can see the Acid Fascists performing their version of LOUIE LOUIE live at Henry’s Cellar Bar, Edinburgh on the 27th of February 2009. The lyrics have been changed to protect the Richard Berry original.. whatever that means…

They’ve got a YouTube channel

and a MySpace page

Some of the members of the band were also in a one-shot band called Napa State Mentals, that also did LOUIE LOUIE. Here’s a clip of that band…

Click below the button to see how the Acid Fascists re-wrote the song..

The man with the cash is waiting for me
I sail his shit across the sea
This junkie business is hard to beat
The risks are high but the money is sweet

Louie Louie
Oh man, I gotta go

I’m a black tar pirate, I carry the brown
I sail my junk to those American towns
I’ve sunk to the bottom but I never drowned
I sail the high seas, man, I get around

I did 12 trips, safe I thought
Unlucky 13 when I was caught.
I’m not too happy with my plight
They’ve got me in a cage for 20 to life.

Louie Louie
Oh shit, fucking CIA man

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  • alien lanes

    Rockin’ band who do some great original material. Just check out ‘Acid Twist’ or ‘Half Of Tomorrow’.

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