Zodiac (Dutch Glam Rock Disco) – LOUIE of the Week


This week, we point the LOUIE spotlight at a 1976 recording by a Dutch band known as Zodiac.

The band Zodiac was formed in Rotterdam (The Netherlands), featuring members of Crown’s Clan. I wasn’t able to find out details on all six of the band members, but some of the core players included vocalist Sylvia van Asten, guitarist Jan Kroon and keyboardist Fred Sammelius.

LOUIE LOUIE was released as a 45 single on the CNR label in 1976, with the song “Back Again” on the flipside.


This may, quite possibly, be the ONLY the version of LOUIE LOUIE that could be categorized as “Dutch Glam Rock Disco.”



More details about this band can be found at the links below:


Big thanks to Clay Stabler for the sleeve art + label scans.

2 comments to Zodiac (Dutch Glam Rock Disco) – LOUIE of the Week

  • Fred sammelius

    The other members: hennie kanselaar bass. Evert van der tuin on drums and wim ras on guitar

  • Fred sammelius

    This are the unknown members of the band Zodiac. Band was very succesfull in the rotterdam area. Follow up of the band crown’s clan. Same line up (without Sylvia van asten).

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