The Aliens 1967 – LOUIE of the week

The Aliens 45- from shared information about The Aliens, a band from Westchester, NY. Steve Worthy provided some insight on this band, and the rivalry that existed between bands in Westchester:

The Aliens were composed of Ray Marion on lead guitar and lead vocals (playing a Gibson cherry red ES335), Curt Meinel, bass (Hagstrom?), Glen Kane on drums, and a guy named Howie on Farfisa organ. They were very popular because they could be counted on to play all the standard rock ‘n’ roll songs like Louie, Louie, Wipe Out, Bang Bang (Joe Cuba, not Sonny and Cher), and were not adventurous at all, which is why the Reptiles and Aliens were sworn mortal enemies. Ray would do this swagger like he was so cool and shake his ass, which drove us crazy, because our impression of music at the time did not include ass shaking! Maybe he thought he was Elvis, who I both appreciate and love now, but at the time he was kind of old news to us in 1967.

If you visit, you can read more about the Westchester bands, and hear a recording of the very-rare Aliens 45 single, released in 1967, courtesy of Bob Brown, who not only provided the audio recording, but also was responsible for sharing the comments of Steve Worthy.

Congratulations, Aliens! You are this week’s LOUIE of the Week!

(thanks to Phil Dirt for the heads-up!)

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